The International Health Industry Technology Cooperation Center is a multilateral high-end cooperation mechanism that is sponsored by the famous international organization APCEO and governments in cooperation, led by global top 100 pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, and mainly serving the global top 100 enterprises in the health industry.

With a global vision and a new international model, the Center will promote new technology cooperation in the health industry, improve its industrial foundation and advance its agglomeration scale and the development to high quality. 

Function : Jointly carry out industrial upgrading of technical research, integration, cooperation and evaluation, and investment.

As the world's unique multilateral health industry technology cooperation center, it will strive to

— Establish an international health industry technology cooperation system, integrate global cutting-edge technology innovation resources, and build the technology highland of the industry;

— Introduce the world's top 500 companies, top 100 enterprises of the industry, and other advanced projects worldwide to form brand concentration of the industry;

— Promote advanced technologies and products of health industry worldwide and advance exchanges between them;

— Promote investment and industrialization of new technologies and improve the global industrial chain of the industry;

— Become governments' think tank and create a sound atmosphere for development of the industry.


— With 30 years efforts, APCEO has gathered mainstream financial, technical and market resources worldwide from over 1.5 million enterprises, government institutions, Fortune 500, Forbes 2000, well-known universities and scientific research institutions, listed companies, financial investment institutions, etc.

— IIGC, with its rich project database, could provide the Center with data-based support and intelligent services.

— Global Top 100 Health Industry, Forbes Global 2000, global top100 medicine enterprises, top100 of QS World University Rankings, world's top100 scientific institutions and top 100 companies with tremendous scientific prowess in more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

Key Area

Bio-Medicine, Intelligent Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, High-End Medical Equipment and Instrument, WIT120, Modern Medical Care, Rehabilitation and Recuperation, Health Care and Aged Care, Health Maintenance and Management, Health Environment, Health Tourism, etc.

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