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The global health industry system evaluation center formulates international evaluation standards for the health industry to evaluate the top 100 global health industries, selects influential figures in the global health industry, and evaluates global health industry demonstration zones.

Global Health Industry Top 100

Global factors drive dramatic changes in the health industry. In order to summarize laws of major changes in the technology system, production mode, organizational form in global health industry, create a vibrant and dynamic cooperation and exchange platform and optimize resources allocation for the global health industry, Asia-Pacific CEO Association (APCEO), a well-known international economic organization, has launched the global health industry cooperation system.

Members of the global health industry cooperation system are mainly the world's leading healthcare and biotechnology companies shortlisted in the Fortune global 500, Forbes global 2000, global industry investment top 100, global industry innovation top 100, and global top 500 investment companies.

To further analyze the structure and development trend of global health industry, the APCEO has integrated opinions from over 20 experts and economists in health industry from the world's top academic institutions such as the Academia Europaea, MIT, Harvard, got professional evaluation and recognition and formed the Global Health Industry Top 100 ranking. It was officially promulgated as an important achievement of the global health industry cooperation system on the occasion of the Global Health Industry Cooperation Conference.

The ranking of Global Health Industry Top 100 is mainly based on the operating quality indexes of enterprises worldwide in health sector, such as sales yield, ROE, production efficiency in the past three years, as well as market value, profitability, enterprise scale, social influence, and their investment, research, achievements, and growth potential.

Health industry is an emerging industry with huge market potential, covering many production and service fields closely related to people’s health, such as bio-pharmaceutical, medical devices, medical testing, biological vaccine, precision treatment, high-end medical treatment, health management services, health products, rehabilitation and recuperation, health care and aged care, international medical tourism, etc.

The ranking of Global Health Industry Top 100 will help to better understand the pattern, resource allocation and strategic direction of health industries.

Ranking Company Headquarter
1 Johnson & Johnson United States
2 UnitedHealth Group United States
3 CVS Health United States
4 Pfizer United States
5 Medtronic Ireland
6 General Electric United States
7 Siemens Germany
8 Cigna United States
9 Novartis Switzerland
10 Roche Holding Switzerland
11 Merck & Co. United States
12 GlaxoSmithKline United Kingdom
13 Takeda Japan
14 Bayer Germany
15 Anthem United States
16 BASF Germany
17 SANOFI France
18 AbbVie United States
19 Bristol-Myers Squibb United States
20 Walgreens Boots Alliance United States
21 ABBOTT United States
22 AMGEN United States
23 Thermo Fisher Scientific United States
24 Gilead Sciences United States
25 3M United States
26 Eli Lilly United States
27 HCA Healthcare United States
28 Danaher United States
29 Humana United States
30 AstraZeneca United Kingdom

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